What does DevWars have to offer?

June 20, 2019

With the launch of Season 2 we have a tonne of new features. We thought we'd list a few so that you can see what we have. There's still so much more to come!

One of our larger features is the introduction of DevBits. These are the DevWars currency, the most sought-after virtual item! These points can be earned through a variety of methods including watching streams, and you will soon be able to spend them in our BitShop.

We've also got ourselves a Twitch Bot, which counts votes, offers various commands, allows you to BET ON TEAMS (I know, cool right?!) and periodically gives you DevBits for staying in stream.

We will be having a badge system in the future too, which will reward you with some cool badges and DevBits when you complete certain challenges! Watch out for that one.

As well as a bunch of new features, there are also things to be aware of:

- We still have more Season 1 games to add! So if you don’t see yourself on there don’t worry, we’ll add it soon.

- Viewing websites and their code for past games has no function. It will do! Sorry for the delay.
- The site isn't yet responsive. (But don’t worry, it will be soon!)

- Clicking a username doesn't do anything. Profile pages will be introduced very soon!

Anything you might be confused about? Head over to the FAQ and have a good read!

Please, please, PLEASE report any bugs to us! Head over to the Contact page to let us know!