The End Of Season 2

June 20, 2019

The Saturday before last was the final DevWars broadcast of Season 2, the first game of which took place in June of 2015.

Now that 2016 has been pushed to the release branch, it's time to reflect on past games, events, and changes.

As many of you know, the first official DevWars tournament took place back in November. We had a lot of great devs participate, but one team took first place and won three Microsoft Surface Pro 3s. I interviewed the winning team to get a sense of who they are and how they became the developers they are today.

Prepare Your Angus:

HTML: Stenkilde7475

CSS: Epenance

JS: Atimmer

I asked each member a series of questions:Also unlike our regular games, this tournament will conclude with prizes. Microsoft has graciously given us three i5 256GB Surface Pro 3 tablets with keyboards. These Surface Pros will go to the winning team, so the stakes are high!

  1. How long have you been doing web development?
  2. Where do you work?
  3. Do you do freelance work?
  4. What does your average day on the job consist of?
  5. What made you guys choose each other as teammates for the DevWars tournament?
  6. How has DevWars affected your abilities as a developer?
  7. What do you do for fun (besides webdev, unless you do nothing but webdev for fun, which is cool too)?

Stenkilde7475 (HTML)

  1. Since the age of 17, I learned basic HTML and fell in love instantly. I am now 21.
  2. I work at a startup called Tattoodo, where I work to build a static page generator for our media / blogging platform.
  3. I wish! I don't do any freelance atm, I do have my own company, just too busy with the startup to use it. :)
  4. I come to work at 9-10ish, take a game of Hearthstone, read some Reddit and then I jump into a sprint and keep jamming.
  5. Epenance reached out to me and said "We need the coolest HTML dude on the block", and that was me! :)
  6. DevWars has made me think creatively, I have played a few games and because of the time limit you have to think really creatively about it.
  7. I play a ton of PC games and go to a lot of eSports events like Epenance does. I also do a lot of coding, atm I'm tinkering around with React, VueJS and SWIFT. I also made a promise that in 2016, I'll read 12 books, write a short story, and learn more Python!

Epenance (CSS)

  1. I've been working with web dev since I was 18, I started having an interest in coding since I was a kid reading PHP For Dummies back when I was like 13.
  2. I work in a company that makes tools and websites for real estate agencies, it's located in Aarhus, Denmark.
  3. I also do freelance on the side with my own company.
  4. My average day at the job consists of me meeting in for work, checking my mail, then heading over to our task & bug tracker and see if I have any important bugs that need to be fixed or if I can work on creating the next website, while having a back and forth discussion with my coworkers as to how we want to do stuff all the time.
  5. I've played with Atimmer many times and he is a killer Javascripter so of course we instantly decided to play together, then after that it was all about finding an HTML guy I knew we could trust, and I know Stenkilde in real life too so I figured we'd ask him.
  6. DevWars has definitely helped me with my Javascript abilities and also made me try out some different stuff throughout the games to see if they would work.
  7. I game a bit, and I also host my own eSports events (Gatherings, tournaments, etc.) which I spend a ton of time on finding sponsors, locations, and crew. I also really like to work on small projects or read up on new tech with React being my current interest.

Atimmer (JS)

  1. I've been doing web development since I was 13 and in high school. I was part of a training company where we both made websites for clients and learned from each other. I am now 23 so that's already 10 years. It wasn't a complete stretch of web development, I have been doing other stuff such as Visual Basic, Game Maker, and Java in the meantime. But now I'm back at web dev.
  2. I work for a 'small' company called Yoast, we make optimization focused software. Until now we've been focusing on WordPress but we are expanding into new grounds.
  3. No. Right now I prefer to focus my time on interesting problems instead of communicating with clients and doing business stuff.
  4. My average day consists of building features or fixing bugs in our WordPress plugins, doing code review and discussing software design with other developers on the team.
  5. I met Epenance during DevWars and we soon found out we were made to work together in DevWars. "Epenance the god" is something I have said with regards to his CSS skills. So we decided early on that if there would be premade teams we would be in one. He found us an awesome HTML dude.
  6. In my day job not so much, but it made me realise how technical debt and development speed relate. In DevWars you're accepting a ton of technical debt to be able to solve the objectives in an hour, but not so much that you get stuck at 45 minutes.
  7. I watch TV series, I go to LAN parties, and I game. I go to WordCamps and conferences which are part work, part fun.

Talking to these guys definitely gives you a sense that they know what they're doing and they have fun doing it. Watching them glide through the tournament was great. Their teamwork and development skills were as fluid as can be. The Surface Pros were well-earned!

We look forward to seeing you all next season. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, classmates. Share us on social media if you'd like. Let's get the hype going for season 3!


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