The DevWars Tournament Approaches

June 20, 2019

Don't forget to tune in this weekend for the start of the DevWars tournament! We've got a variety of exciting themes and objectives planned.

Like our regular games, each game of the tournament will be a Classic game mode with a theme and objectives.

Unlike our regular games, tournament games will consist of premade teams. You'll be developing with two fellow devs who you want to work with.

Also unlike our regular games, this tournament will conclude with prizes. Microsoft has graciously given us three i5 256GB Surface Pro 3 tablets with keyboards. These Surface Pros will go to the winning team, so the stakes are high!

We'll have games involving the use of App Studio (a tool to create Windows apps), TypeScript (a JavaScript superset), and other Microsoft technology.

The tournament is going to be exciting, so make sure to check it out and build a team and sign up! Once you've created a team, apply for the tournament event. Then head to the contact page and send us some evidence of your team's web development abilities!

We look forward to seeing you all for the tournament. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, classmates. Share it on social media if you'd like. Let's get the hype going!

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