Play in the DevWars tournament and Win a Surface Pro 3!

June 20, 2019

Hey DevWarriors!

As you may or may not have heard during our stream, we've got some exciting news. With the introduction of the ability for you guys to create teams, we want to kick this new feature off with a bang. This means we're going to hold a tournament! But it doesn't just end there. Our lovely friends at Microsoft have offered us a wonderful opportunity: the winning team of this tournament will win a prize each - an i5 256GB Surface Pro 3 with keyboard!

To show our appreciation, all the games in our tournament will be Microsoft-themed. This means there will be games involving the use of App Studio (a tool to create Windows apps), TypeScript (a JavaScript superset), and other games to that effect.

So that's our great news! I've answered some preemptive questions that you might have below.

Q: I can win a Surface Pro?! Where do I sign up?

A: Get straight onto and hit the "My Team" tab on your dashboard. Create your team and invite your friends! In the coming days we will be putting up the Tournament event, which you will need to apply for. After this, head over to the Contact page. We're going to need you to send some evidence of your team member's web development ability.

This means that you will be need to be available every Saturday of November to play! A Surface Pro 3 is at stake!

Q: Do I need to know anything other than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

A: No! everything still operates mostly in the same way. For the JavaScript lovers out there, knowledge of TypeScript is going to be very beneficial.

That concludes our big announcement! There will be another DevWars this Saturday, so we highly recommend that you check it out and maybe sign up for a game!

Wanna participate but don't want to compete during one of the normal games? Check out our weekly challenges on CodePen!