DevWars Recap: October 3rd 2015

June 20, 2019

Last week we had a single classic game and the special announcement of the upcoming tournament. Let's talk about that!

Classic: Suits & Ties

For this game, we had Gregersen, BenStanley, and rockerBOO (blue) go up against Yfjuh, Rafa, and gavin (red).

In the end, the score was incredibly close. Blue team actually achieved more objectives. Red team won 2-0 in the design vote, which put them ahead by a point.

As far as the sites were concerned, both looked relatively similar. Red team had cheaper suits, but blue team had more variety.

Red team's hero and buttons brought a very modern feel to their page, but blue's tie carousel and larger suit display blocks were nice to look at.



The DevWars Tournament

If you haven't heard already via stream or read the previous blog post, we are holding a DevWars tournament! And there will be cool prizes donated by Microsoft! Read the last blog post and then head over to the teams page and sign up with a team!. We'll be giving out more specifics during the next stream!

That concludes another DevWars summary! There will be another DevWars this Saturday, so we highly recommend that you check it out and maybe sign up for a game!

Wanna participate but don't want to compete during one of the normal games? Check out our weekly challenges on CodePen!