DevWars Recap: October 10th 2015

June 20, 2019

Welcome back to another exciting episode of DevWars!

Zen Garden: Hiking

This week's Zen Garden game pitted Epenance against gavin. The theme was hiking club websites.

Both team's had similar designs; the major differences were in the images chosen for the slider gallery at the top and the color choices.

Epenance ended up getting all of the points for this match, though gavin's styling was still great. I'm not totally sure how gavin didn't get any points (both votes were extremely close though).



Classic: Housing

For this week's Classic game mode we had Rushmead, noobs2ninjas, and GoldwingStudios (blue) go up against BitsPls, Gregersen, and Atimmer (red).

Both teams were tasked with creating a housing website with three different themes (such as living room, kitchen, and bathroom). These themed scenes were to have several interactive components.

Neither team completed all of the required objectives, but they were able to get the basic themes set up. Red team ended up winning thanks to getting the night/day window objective, as well as having a better functionality vote.

This was a relatively tough set of objectives, but both teams did great.



The DevWars Tournament

If you haven't heard already via stream or read the previous blog post, we are holding a DevWars tournament! And there will be cool prizes donated by Microsoft! Read the last blog post and then head over to the teams page and sign up with a team!.

That concludes another DevWars summary! There will be another DevWars this Saturday, so we highly recommend that you check it out and maybe sign up for a game!

Wanna participate but don't want to compete during one of the normal games? Check out our weekly challenges on CodePen!