DevWars Recap : September 12th 2015

June 20, 2019
DevWars Recap - September 15th 2015

Let's get ready to DevWarsss. Prepare your anguses for another exciting DevWars recap!

Zen Garden: Mobile Apps

This week Jxtcman (blue) went up against 205th (red). As with all Zen Garden games, each of them used only CSS with an HTML page they were given.

Blue had a nice grainy moon background for their site, and their color scheme worked pretty well. Aside from a few minor spacing issues at the top of the page, it looked great. Red's theme was very modern and had nice vibrant buttons with a consistent logo an button color scheme.

Red won the game, but blue won the hearts and minds of the viewers.



Classic: Camping Sites

For the classic game, we had rockerBOO, MisterDude12, and Atimmer (blue) go up against PavilN, Jxtcman, and Dunner (red).

Blue narrowly took the victory with this game, relying on an extra objective point to seal the deal. The design and functionality votes were almost exactly matched.

Blue's bouncing tent was a nice touch, and ended up winning them the game. Their design was nice and simple overall. Red had a nice lightbox gallery, but unfortunately that was a bonus objective that can only be achieved after the other objectives. Otherwise they would have gotten points for it.



That concludes another DevWars summary! There will be no DevWars this coming weekend, but check back the following weekend!

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