DevWars Recap : August 29th 2015

June 20, 2019

Woah! DevWars?! Yes, you are correct lovely reader. Welcome to another DevWars recap blog.

Zen Garden: Hunting For Movies

This week Enolfa (blue) and Phydos26 (red) had a good ol' CSS brawl. Each had the same HTML page that was built to host movie reviews.

Both sites looked similar, though blue managed to get a bit more color in their page to brighten things up. Both pages had minor scaling issues, but they both looked good.

Blue team won the match due to a favorable vote on design, though red team almost tied it up with their functionality vote. Both teams did well.



Classic: Mobile Blog

This week's blue team consisted of PieceDigital (HTML), CorySimmons (CSS), and Jxtcman (JS). The red team was PavilN (HTML), Fr0zenOfficial (CSS), and theosirian (JS). Each team had to create a website that revolved around mobile device consulting blogs.

Blue team almost pulled out an ace from their game, although they were unable to meet the bonus objective. Nevertheless, they ended up winning and their website was extremely fluid. The swipable phone featured on the page was incredible.

Red team ran into a few snags, but they did finish out the match with at least one objective completed. They neither gave up nor surrendered.



That concludes another DevWars summary! Check out the games this Saturday and look forward to another blog next week!

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