DevWars Recap : August 23th 2015

June 20, 2019

Aloha, dear DevWars readers! As normal, last Saturday was both a Zen Garden game and a Classic game for DevWars. I'll be recapping what went on and who did what.

Zen Garden: Airline Tickets

This week Fogthecatman (blue) and Paviln (red) duked it out in a battle of CSS goodness. They were each given an HTML page advertising for a flight agency.

Catthefogman and Nlivap were both new to DevWars, and it was nice to see two equally matched opponents.

Both sides chose to have content sitting on top of a slightly transparent background, and both had background images related to travelling. Blue had a map, and red had an airplane (although you need to zoom out to see it). Neither side had too much time to style the form in the middle of the page, but they had nice looking menus and overall feel.



Apologies for the lack of GIFs for this game; we weren't able to generate them from the source as normal. Next time though!

Classic: Online Library

The classic game pitted Fr0zenOfficial, 205th, and Theosirian (blue) against Kharenis, MisterDude12, and Jxtcman (red). Their task was to create a site for a library.

Unfortunately for this game, both teams encountered issues when attempting to using an open library API, but both teams were given the objective.

Red aced the game in the end, achieving all four of the required objectives as well as the bonus objective. The achieved a maximum score of 10, which is a rare sight. Many devbits were won. Many devbits were lost (including all of mine, RIP).


Theosirian knows how to make the best out of a bad API situation.


Don't worry about it Kharenis~

#PepperYourAngus indeed Jxtcman.

Sweet sweet media queries for MisterDude12.

That concludes this week's DevWars summary! Check out the games this Saturday and look forward to another blog next week!

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